Wood Species

Altium Design Group offers a large variety of hardwoods to achieve any desired look.


Walnut is a hardwood known for its beautiful grain and rich dark brown color. A clear finish enhances its natural beauty. See Walnut Finishes

Walnut Furniture


Mahogany is a straight-grained wood known for its strength and resistance, and grain patterns. It varies from light red to rich dark red or golden brown and stains to a natural luster. See Mahogany Finishes

Mahogany Furniture


Cherry is characterized by a fine straight grain, and a smooth texture. Its rich reddish brown color makes it ideal for traditional styles. See Cherry Finishes

Cherry Wood Furniture


Maple is a strong, close-grained wood whose color varies from light to dark reddish brown. It is ideal for furniture-like detail. See Maple Finishes

Maple Wood Furniture


Oak is mostly straight-grained and coarse in texture. It is distinguished by its strength and durability, and unique pattern variations. It is ideal for a simple look. See Oak Finishes

Oak Furniture


Banak is a straight-grained wood of medium to coarse texture, usually light pinkish-brown with medium to high luster. See Banak Finishes


Pine is a soft, straight-grained wood characterized by its uniform texture, and warm and natural appearance, making it ideal for traditional styles. See Pine Finishes

Pine furniture with black color

*Note: Images of wood types may vary slightly from the actual wood samples. We suggest ordering a sample for accuracy.